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Help us support Brazil flood victims

If you've seen the news lately, you may have noticed the devastating floods in Southern Brazil. It has upended untold lives, and killed more than 80 people.

Many of our colleagues (and fellow students) live in that region, and we are teaming up with the other U.S. Kaiut Yoga schools to send some relief to Brazil.

Darvin Ayre and Kristin Savory, co-owners of Kaiut Yoga Boulder/Longmont, are organizing a GoFundMe and offer this detail about it:

In Rio Grande do Sul, torrential rains began in the first few days of May (in some areas up to 33 inches) and caused havoc in over 90% of all municipalities and communities across the region.

  • Over 75,000 families lost their homes and are living in shelters

  • Over 500,000 left their homes temporarily — and lost all their belongings.

  • Over 2 million people were directly impacted. No electricity, clean water or access to health centers, schools and limited access to food.

Our colleagues at Kaiut Yoga Porto Alegre (Dr. Luciana Costa and Ana Claudia Costa) are working tirelessly to collect donations to help people near the city center who lost everything in the floods.

The plan: Offer approximately $1,000 USD per family to help with emergency purchases to help them re-home and restart their lives. All purchases will be managed directly by our colleagues, with clear accounting by the end of the campaign.

"It's incredible to realize that we all know someone who lost everything in this tragedy," says Ana Claudia.

With our help, with YOUR help, we can ease some of the challenges people close to our schools are facing and help them get back to their homes.

We thank you so much for any financial support you might offer. The fastest way to have funds sent to Brazil from abroad is through this campaign on


Darvin and Kristin

Kaiut Yoga Boulder/ Longmont

Luciana and Ana Claudia

Kaiut Yoga Porto Alegre

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