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Your Dec. 30 intention

Do you remember what you were thinking somewhere around Dec. 30? I’m guessing it was something like, “I’ll start _______ on Monday, Jan. 2.” It felt good to think it. It felt even better to start planning for it. Now, it’s Jan. 1, 2023. How do you feel now? The same? Conflicted? Do you regret thinking that thought 3 days ago?

Jan. 2, 2023 is tomorrow. Once it gets here, you can’t go back to Dec. 30, and you’ll have to make a decision about starting ____. Let’s consider a few different ways this new intention you made for yourself could play out.

If you were to be really honest with yourself, which one of these statements are you thinking now about your Dec. 30th, 2022 intention?

  • “Let’s go! I can’t wait to get started!”

  • “Hold on! I’m not sure so sure it was a good idea to think that thought!”

  • “$#%$!! I want to take it back!”

If you’re in the “Let’s go! I can’t wait to get started” group, congratulations! Today is a good day. Your future is bright and you can’t wait to reap the benefits of this one “really good” intention. Yes, your inner knowing is strong!

How about the “Hold on!” group. You’re a bit more cautious and you aren’t so sure how committed you are to this new “scary” journey. You ask yourself questions like, “Can I really do this? Is it possible?” Don’t worry, it’s going to be OK. You are still in tune with yourself, and guess what: you don’t have to be perfect.

“$#%$!! I want to take it back!” group. Look, you had the thought. Marinate in that for a while. Out of the three groups represented, you are probably the most self aware. You are truly grounded in reality. You know there are going to be hard days. You’re exercising one of your best skills … anticipation!

Now, let’s all be honest. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to stop thinking about that Dec. 30 intention, turn your favorite song on at full volume and sing and dance your heart out!?!?! It would for me. It would definitely disrupt those spinning patterns in my mind.

So, let’s do it! Stop what you’re doing right now. Find the song, put on your dancing shoes and blow your socks off for 3 full minutes. I promise. You’ll feel better.

Now that we got that out of the way — quick, put up the new funny calendar you received and start tracking how you feel about your Dec. 30 intention each day of the year! What’s great about this activity is you don’t actually have to do the intention. All you have to do it consider how you feel about it. Brilliant!

Draw a single star on your calendar for “Let’s go!”, 2 stars for “Hold on!” and 3 for “$#%$!” Trust me. You’re going to need more stars as your need for encouragement goes up! Plus, doesn’t it feel good just to “think” about giving yourself 3 stars?

Every single day. I mean it. Every single day over this next year I want you to draw at least 1 to 3 stars on that calendar. I want you to have absolutely zero conflict about whether you actually “did” the Dec. 30 intention. You’re simply registering how you feel about it each day.

This activity will help you to feel what you feel, if only for a moment. It will give your brain and your body some time to hang out together. Your Dec. 30 intention came from inside of you. It’s part of you and it’s important.

You are important.

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