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Working through those rough poses


What do we do when we are annoyed with a pose or just don't want to do it? Do we abandon the pose completely? Or force ourselves to stay there ... for every miserable second? Or, back off and find a version of the shape that keeps us moving in the same direction?

Of course, you know I'll suggest the third option. So, how do we stay with a pose that we just really don't want to be in?

Recognize we don't want to do it. Back off. Do not have conflict about this. Just do it. Find a place to be that is moving in the direction of what I'm asking without the feeling of being annoyed or wanting to jump out of the pose.

These feelings are important. There are times when we don't want to be in a pose. Or, for whatever reason, we can't. Those times when our emotional and/or mental state simply won't allow it. Those are the times when we must take a break, but not in a way that abandons the whole process. A break that allows us to recognize our mental\emotional state for what it is in an objective way. Then, we can find our way back to the pose without the burden of these strong mental-emotional responses.

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