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The Joint-ful-ness concept

Kaiut Yoga has a concept called Joint-Full-Ness.

We don't breathe through or work with positive words to "Get Us Through." We do work with the joints in a very specific way. We do apply positive stress to the joints. We believe joints really like pressure. We do use the body in the way the body was designed to be used.

One of the best ways to think about Kaiut Yoga is that every shape, every position and every sensation helps you access the intelligence of your system. The intelligence that breathes for you, beats your heart and heals your wounds.

Everything you do has to support a restful mind. Why? If your mind is not at rest your body can't really surrender to the shape.

How to Practice with Inspiration and Quality:

Find your Optimum — The amount of sensation that allows you to anchor your mind to what you feel and perceive as sensation in your body.

Feel — Yoga is a mind\body practice. The connection between the two has to be clear, consistent and strong.

Allow — Allow the pose to work. Allow your body to adapt.

Practice with this video to see what I mean. I'd love for you to leave comments, ask questions and even leave doubts.

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