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Reframing pain

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

You’re interested in a regular practice with Kaiut Yoga but something is holding you back. You pulled your shoulder …. again. And you don’t want to start practice until you’re feeling better.

Sometimes our mind gets paralyzed with that reality.

It's hard to understand that in order to resolve pain we have to see it, acknowledge it and allow it to have its own journey.

Sometimes, we get stuck and fight for the body we have without acknowledging the possibility of a different outcome. We become closed to the possibility of living life in a different version of our bodies.

After practicing for a while, many of us think things like, "My body hurts today, I better stay home." Or, "My big toe is hurting me today. I'm going to see if that resolves before I go back to class." We don't see our pain as a reason to go to class. We see it as a reason to stay home.

Pain is the number one reason to come to class. It's the number one reason why this practice works for many students. Students who are in pain have the maturity to face pain and to work through it regardless of age or circumstance.

You'll never be asked to force through or breathe through pain. You'll never be asked to do something the human body wasn't designed to do. You'll only be asked to connect deeply and clearly to the areas that need you.

This journey it not about a pain-free guarantee. It's about process of reframing pain and gaining function in the body. My job is to make this journey for you an interesting one.

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