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COVID-19 School Status Update

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

With the news of more and more cancelations and increasing concerns around the Coronavirus we wanted to let you know Kaiut Yoga Austin currently remains open, offering in-person classes at the school. For those wishing to join us, we wanted to share the studio cleaning procedures we are undertaking and a couple of extra precautions that are available to you.

Studio Cleaning

Kaiut Yoga Austin is sticking to a thorough daily cleaning schedule:

* We use natural antibacterial, antiviral products for cleaning purposes.

* Studio floors are cleaned after every class.

* All props and mats are cleaned before/after each class.

* Door and bathroom handles disinfected multiple times a day.

* Disposable towelettes to place over bolsters if wanted.

* Stocking and maintaining hand sanitizer, disposable towels, disinfectant wipes/sprays, tissues, and hand soap.

* We aim to support physical distance between students by using the studio space we have in laying out mats.

Student-Teacher Interactions

* The Kaiut Yoga Teachers use their voice - over touch - to lead students through each class.

* Communication is always important between student and teacher. As student, please continue to let your teacher know what you are experiencing during and in relation to the practice. This helps us to best support your continued individual progress.

What Students Can Do

* If you are coming to class, please think about using sanitizer or washing your hands on entry to the studio space.

* Leave all belongings in the designated area in the front room and do not bring them into the studio space.

* Make use of the bolster towelettes or bring a clean towel/pillowcase to place over the bolster if you so wish.

* And, if you are sick, we encourage you to stay home and rest. Please let us know how you are.

* In addition, we trust you are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of community illness. For more information, please visit for recommendations on protecting communities.

Online Yoga Classes

* In part we are staying open to provide people a place to go and engage in the health supportive practice that is yoga. Our physical health is clearly important, but so too is our mental health. And social engagement can be key to mental wellness; it is also known to help regulate fear response.

* If you are an existing member and do not wish to attend in-person classes, but interested in streaming online, please contact us.

* Depending on the trajectory of the current COVID-19 situation, classes may move online.

We hope this time clarifies and strengthens people's relationship with their yoga practice....

Boost Immunity and Decrease Inflammatory Response

According to studies, patterns indicate that a regular Yoga practice can boost immunity and decrease inflammatory response:

"These results imply that yoga may be implemented as a complementary intervention for populations at risk or already suffering from diseases with an inflammatory component. Beyond this, yoga practice may exert further beneficial effects by enhancing cell-mediated and mucosal immunity."

Source: Falkenberg, R. I., Eising, C., & Peters, M. L. (2018). Yoga and immune system functioning: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Journal of behavioral medicine, 41(4), 467-482.

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