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Kaiut Yoga, A Lifestyle Solution.

Kaiut Yoga doesn’t need the support of yoga history, anatomy, story, philosophy, music, or entertainment to be effective. It doesn’t need words written or expressed in Sanskrit. Within one’s practice none of these things have much value. The value has to do with what shifts and changes as a result of a consistent practice.

Continuing to evolve holistically is where the true beauty of this work can be enjoyed. Those of us who are on this path enjoy a life not controlled by a rigid mindset, a body and mind fully connected, and empowered clarity when making healthcare decisions. Kaiut Yoga is a lifestyle solution that keeps us out of short term fixes. It’s a method that allows us to change and evolve as we continue to navigate the realities of the modern world.

One of the most powerful tools available to us is shifting and developing a relationship with our own nervous systems. It’s the work the individual does to shift into this powerful state that is key. By anchoring the mind to sound, vision, sensation, spatial awareness, and balance the individual enjoys a deeper understanding of their own reality. This reality allows for a strong connection between body and mind, the experience of empty space - neutral, and the possibility of spontaneous meditation.

The value of experiencing spontaneous meditation is not in the experience itself but in the path to getting to this place through empty space. This neutral state, rarely discussed, is powerful. How can someone begin to feel positive if they have rarely experienced neutral? How can we connect to others if we don’t to have the stamina to maintain a neutral state when listening to another person? How can we maintain self-control when we need it if it hasn’t been challenged and experienced through the felt sense?

Over time, the practitioner enjoys freedom of movement and freedom of mind. When the physical body enjoys freedom pain subsides. When the nervous system enjoys balance the whole system responds. When the mental, intellectual, and emotional mind enjoys freedom we become more resilient, creative, and capable of responding to a variety of situations.

I am passionate about and continue to share this method understanding the current landscape of modern life. The mindset challenges and the fear are real and I continue to keep my mind open to how I can connect and communicate with each individual I meet. This is powerful work for which not everyone is ready.

Many are interested and few stay to see the results this method can bring to their bodies and minds. It’s easy to get caught up in a world where thinking is rewarded and thin bodies are admired. It’s not so easy to chose a different lifestyle.

I’m most valuable within the process of guiding those who need it the most, for holding them accountable, for seeing the truth with compassion, challenging current mindsets, offering great classes, and tracking results. I’ve been gifted a different way of seeing and I feel called to tell the truth. Not to share Kaiut Yoga would deprive the world of something it needs. I have consciously chosen to travel this road knowing it can be a lonely one. The worlds needs this work. I’m sure of it.

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