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Kaiut owner reflects on 7 years of practice

Also — Woo hoo, I’ve got news for you!

The Practice Intensive with Francisco Kaiut will be back in Boulder via PTZ Technology this July 7-14.

Yes, this is your chance to practice with the developer of the Kaiut Yoga methodology. It’s going to be eye opening, joint cleaning and profound as we spend time practicing, learning, growing and most importantly healing with the man behind the method.

Kaiut Yoga Boulder will be opening registration on Friday, April 7. For one week only (April 7 through the 14) they will be offering Early Bird pricing. During the Early Bird registration period you will benefit from a $150 credit towards your registration. The Practice Intensive is valued in full at $1,350. Early Bird registration will bring your tuition down to $1,200.

If you’re curious about the Practice Intensive or know that you want to attend, please mark your calendar and register early for your best rate.

Don’t worry: we’ll send a note out to you the day before the Early Bird registration opens. In the meantime, reach out to me or the Kaiut Yoga Boulder Team if you have any questions.

With a Practice Intensive coming up in July, this is a great time to introduce you to Darvin Ayre, one of Kaiut Yoga Boulder’s owners and teachers. Darvin has a unique perspective I’d like to share with you all. It’s a reflection of how consistency has impacted his personal practice. You can read Darvin’s bio here.



Hey everyone, Darvin here. I wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about lately.

Since our January event with Francisco, I’ve been reflecting on some of my personal changes I’ve experienced in my practice.

When I first came to Kaiut Yoga 7 years ago, I was experiencing lots of different aches and pains, related to years of outdoor adventuring and consultant work (planes, trains and automobiles with clients across the globe). Overall, I had gotten pretty rigid and suffered from general low-back pain as well as severe sciatic sensations on my left side torso and leg.

On some level, maybe instinctual, I just knew that my normal habits and patterns (trail running, cycling and lots of repetitive movements) weren’t healthy and I had to change it.

When I first began Kaiut Yoga, I was immediately intrigued by the practice and kept coming back to the classroom, trying to understand just what this new thing was. And it wasn’t only physical changes; I felt more relaxed, available to see more clearly and lighter in my mindset. (Note: that’s a whole other blog topic).

Over time, I started to feel my body (and equally important, my mind) beginning to loosen up. Eventually I began to sense a depth of new understanding beginning to evolve. Quite simply put, there was this internal desire to come back to the mat. It was both relieving and enlivening — mentally, physically and emotionally.

I didn’t experience all of my success immediately. It took time and most importantly consistency.

As I’ve matured in my practice, I’m more able to back out a bit and have what I would call a bird’s eye view.

Consistency has been an asset for me in so many ways:

  1. Regulation of the nervous system: We can’t deny that we operate in a highly over-charged culture. For me, I needed consistency in my practice as a reminder that there are other ways of being in the world. Less anxiety, less stress, more availability to interact with life “as it is,” not trying to mold things into what was most pleasing. Frankly, that just made me more anxious and irritable.

  2. Relationship to sensation: As an avid outdoorsman, when I started Kaiut Yoga I experienced a lot of sensation. Because I was so new to the work, I noticed from time to time I would rely on old habits (avoid sensitive areas, label it negatively, etc.). It took consistency and familiarity with the method to develop a deeper understanding and connection to the sensitive places inside of me, but also to feel more confident that I was getting more connected with the natural, healing forces that are built into us.

  3. Freedom: With consistency comes freedom. Those tender places, they need to be approached on a consistent basis from various angles. While the areas loosen up, we have the opportunity to rebuild neural connections and develop more connective pathways for the brain/body. Over the past seven years, I am blessed to say that I’ve personally experienced more freedom in regards to my body on all levels. I’m truly humbled to be able to share this practice with you so that you can experience the same.

As always, I love hearing from you. If you’ve got questions to ask or successes to share, send me a reply here.

See you on the mat ~ Darvin Ayre

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