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Classes are Now Online!

Live Streaming Classes for Members

Starting, Wednesday, March 18th, will have only online "Live-Streaming" classes available for all members. Streams will also be available for 24 hrs. See below for details. In-Person classes are currently suspended as of Tuesday, 17th March. Those who have signed up for in-person classes, please go to your Mind-Body account and switch to Kaiut Online classes so you will be given the right access.

Private Online Classes

For those students looking for a more personal one-on-one experience. We are now offering online private and group classes. Please contact for more details.

New to Kaiut Yoga? Not Currently a Member?

If you aren't currently a member and you are interested in joining online classes, please reach out to Renae Molden ( or Jana Bodeman ( You may also contact Claire Chang ( is available this week guest teaching through March 22nd.

Update Your Contact

Need to add or update your email address with us? Email us at with the subject line “Update Email”.

Zoom Video Conference Instructions

Starting March 18, 2020, 7:15 pm, Kaiut Yoga Austin will use the video conference meetup site Zoom as the platform to host all online classes. This platform is easy and free. Please read through the below instructions to get started.

1. Reserve your “Kaiut Online” spot at: Class times are subject to change. Please check back often.

2. You will need to download the client version of Zoom when you attend your first class. If you have any trouble logging in, please reach out to the scheduled teacher.

3. On the day of class you signed up for you will receive an email link that will connect you to the date-and-time-specific conference page. Your email will include instructions on what household props to have ready for that day. A valid email is required to receive the link.

4. Please sign in 5 - 10 minutes before class starts so that we can have a good sense of who is attending.

We want the online experience to feel as personal as possible. Please also communicate with your teacher specific questions and\or issues you are dealing with before class.

Getting Creative with Props

Finding and using what you have at home will add depth and variety to your online\home practice. We encourage you to get creative. Check your bedroom, pantry, and\or living areas for suitable prop options. We are all adapting to these unique times. Have some fun with this one!

* Yoga Mat - Any yoga mat or blanket will be fine.  Bolster/Pillow(s) - Standard or King sized bed pillows are fine. Folded blankets also work.

* Blocks - Any yoga block will do. If you don't have yoga blocks, get creative and check your pantry .... soup cans and cartons work great!

* Strap - Any standard yoga strap will do. No strap? Belts and\or scarves will work and add to the variety we need in this practice.

* Wall Space - Many classes include standing wall poses or "legs up the wall" shapes. Choose wall space free of pictures or specific lighting.

* Video-Ready Device - Computer, Tablet, or Phone - You will need to download the client for the online Zoom tool. You will also need to position your device so that you can see and be seen clearly.

Still have questions? Reach out to us, we want to hear from you.

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