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Kaiut Yoga Austin




The Kaiut Yoga Method in Austin, TX is an accessible practice for everybody and every body type. It has been developed over thirty years by the creator of the method, Francisco Kaiut.​ The focus of Kaiut Yoga on restoring and maintaining functioning and mobility, and health and wellness of the whole body.


Poses are designed to allow the intelligence of the body to heal itself. For the student, the work is to “feel” the body, track “sensation”, and find the optimal edge of working and staying with what arises. Props are used for leverage and support. Effective for everyone including those with aches, stiffness, chronic pain and illness, injuries, and physical limitation. 

The Method

The Kaiut Yoga Method is ancient yoga teachings 

reinterpreted for our modern time. It aims to return each individual back to optimal functioning as nature intended.


Our teachers at Kaiut Yoga Austin are certified to deliver the Kaiut Yoga Method. Find out more about what led them to the Kaiut Yoga Method and their inspiration in bringing this Method to you.


Kaiut Yoga Austin offers weekly public classes, as well as services for community and businesses. Get in touch to see how we can support the health and wellness of you and your community.

Recent News


"My job is extremely stressful and requires long hours in front of the computer.  About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative disk at L5/S1 and was experiencing a lot of pain in the low back and going down the right leg.  I allowed myself to go thru treatments that looking back now only increased my pain…..I discovered Kaiut Yoga method quite by accident.…Although, I still have a lot of healing to do, I know I am on the right path…..I am so grateful for finding this practice"  - Nancy


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