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"My job is extremely stressful and requires long hours in front of the computer.  About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative disk at L5/S1 and was experiencing a lot of pain in the low back and going down the right leg.  I allowed myself to go thru treatments that looking back now only increased my pain…..I discovered Kaiut Yoga method quite by accident.…Although, I still have a lot of healing to do, I know I am on the right path…..I am so grateful for finding this practice"  - Nancy

"Since finding Kaiut Yoga, I have definitely seen the benefits of having a fuller range of motion, increased flexibility, and less muscle and joint stiffness. This has led to an overall increase in my quality of life.... I look forward to every class, anticipating a clearer and more focused mind, a heightened sense of well-being, and the tangible restorative affects on my body."  - Ronnie 

"Kaiut Yoga has given me comfort, healing and hope for a healthier future. ...It has significantly raised my awareness of the complexity of my human body. It has also helped me realize there are things I can do to move on in my life in a healthier way!" - Steve, 74 years of age

"In just a few months of attending Kaiut Yoga classes I’ve experienced a decrease in tightness and an increase in range of motion in my neck, hips, and toes.  This makes everything I do easier and more comfortable." - Jodi

"From the first class, I knew that Kaiut was the yoga practice I’d been searching for. The concept of working from a relaxed nervous system, the focus on opening the shoulders and hips, the gentle flexibility and strength training, the eyes-closed, meditative quality of the practice..." - Julie 

"After my first class, it was a strange and new sensation in my body, engaging muscles that normally you don't focus a lot (Having cramps here and there). It has become something that I look forward each week, specially after seeing progress in my body regarding mobility and blood circulation; I feel energized after every class." - Edgardo

"I learned about Kaiut Yoga through my climbing gym. I was looking for a yoga practice that would help with my low back pain and not put me in danger of causing more pain. I've learned to listen to by body better and focus on the small areas of my body that often get ignored. This has helped address problem areas I didn't know I had." - Ethan

"My relationship with yoga is a long one, though frankly a somewhat superficial one. I suffer the pains and strains of back trouble occasionally and yoga is among the tonics I’ve sought. It was about 40 years ago that I took my first class, and I’ve signed up for beginners’ classes at a pretty regular clip since then. But I’ve also tended to lose interest pretty quickly. Kaiut, however, has changed that story. I’ve been at it for about six months and going strong.

...Working with the laws of physics rather than against them makes a world of difference for me. I think that’s the key." - David, 64 Years of Age

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