Renae MoldenOwner and Principal Teacher, discovered Kaiut Yoga accidentally in 2017 while on a trip to Telluride, Colorado with her family. It was the perfect time for her to discover this method as several different situations were organizing around a big transition. At 48 years old, Renae was exploring future career options, managing chronic pain, preparing for her husband’s possible career change, and looking toward the future for her soon to be college-bound daughter. It was during the 2018 Kaiut Yoga Telluride Grand Opening Renae knew she would open a Kaiut Yoga School.  Kaiut Yoga Austin opened November 2019. Thanks to the Method, Renae is no longer living in chronic pain; she feels better than ever and enjoys a full life with her family. At home you can find her dancing,  practicing,  playing tag with her 9-year old son, and engaging in her love of trampolining!