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Tips to Manage the Holidays

Fall is here! October is the month where I get everything planned, purchased, wrapped, and shipped for the upcoming Holidays. One thing I’ve learned about the Holidays is that if I don't get everything done by the end of October, I’ll feel the stress in December. Believe me when I tell you….December 25th WILL happen! If you procrastinate, you create more stress for yourself.

Here are my tips for preventing Holiday stress.

1). Decide Now!!

Before you start planning your Holiday checklist, ask yourself these questions: Will you send Holiday Cards? Who will you buy presents for? How much do you want to spend? Will you decorate the inside and outside of the house? Will you be traveling for the Holidays?

If you don’t trust me on anything else, trust me on this one! The more answers you have for yourself now, the easier it will be in the long run!

2). Shop Now!!!

Don’t wait until the week before Christmas to start your shopping. Start in October! If you wait until the last minute to purchase gifts, you run the risk of items being sold out and dealing with massive crowds.

The stores are empty in the middle of the day and they have a lot of things NOW. Many stores are already setting up their Christmas displays. Rush to those stores! You’ll thank me in December when you have all the things and your friends are complaining. You’re welcome!

3). Plan! Plan! Plan!

When do you want to buy, wrap and send gifts and cards? Do you have all the addresses you need?

I get it, life gets busy! If you need help wrapping gifts or completing other things on your Holiday checklist, there are amazing resources and small businesses that can help you with this!

For example, if you want to send out fun holiday cards consider finding a Stampin’ Up consultant. I have a contact if you’re interested!

Do you have friends who love to host food? See if you can plan a gift wrapping party or even Christmas Tree decorating party!! We don’t always have to do these things alone! Hit me up if you want to give it a try!

4). Reward Yourself!

Seriously! Plan a reward for your future self! Make it BIG! The holidays are a lot! For the past few years,e been saying, “The Holiday Season is a Part Time Job!” In many ways it really is and it’s hard to really know what will make someone happy when it comes to gift giving. The whole thing can be crazy. And, yes, adding on the complexity of family relationships can make the holidays truly exhausting for everyone.

So, honestly, if I were you, try something new and plan a trip to Boulder, Colorado in January 2023. Why? Because that’s your carrot!! It’s your reward for doing all the things you were supposed to or expected to do during the Holiday Season! You planned, showed up, gave the best of yourself, and kept yourself as healthy.

In January you’ll need a reset! Plan to take some time for yourself so you can get 2023 started with clarity. When you have something to look forward to, it’ll make your Holiday planning easier and more fun.

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