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Kaiut Method helps men's pelvic floor

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. — Benjamin Franklin

J.M. has been a student of mine for about 3 ½ years. He has practiced numerous high-impact sports in his 57 years, and with an analytical, engineering mindset J.M. thrives in fast-paced environments. He has a well-established and successful career in the accounting world. He enjoys time with his family and makes the most of his time off.

Here’s what he has to say about the Kaiut Yoga Method:

Kaiut Yoga has been a life-changer with regard to my pelvic floor pain. I’m no longer concerned about bladder incontinence or even my sexual health. I’ve just a few words to say about my experience. Effective method. Good sequences. Solid for anyone serious about avoiding high-cost pain management care. Not a one-off class. Be consistent and complete the 100 classes. J.M.

Four years ago, J.M. started having pelvic floor pain resulting from lifting heavy furniture while moving his family to Austin from Detroit. Over time, his bladder started showing signs of incontinence and he started to worry about this issue — and erectile dysfunction.

Worrisome moments such as these can be prevented. The cost and time it takes for diagnostic tests, expensive treatments and visits to see various practitioners can be avoided with consistent practice.

I’ve seen this and similar stories repeat themselves repeatedly with men in this age group. It makes sense, but it can be hard to put that into attainable action. It requires being open to an idea you might not have considered:

When you find yourself making regular trips for treatment to correct issues related to the pelvic floor, joints or just pain, consider a method that’s been proven to prevent these trips, schedule time to care for your body with the Kaiut Yoga Method least 2-3 times per week for at least six months, and put the results to the test.

Research has shown that mind-body interventions prove to be more economically accessible than the cost of emergency room visits, clinics and hospitals. Yoga is a resource men can use to reclaim the full potential of their bodies. Not in the sense of meeting aesthetic standards imposed by society but one of good health — in fact, excellent health.

The Kaiut Yoga Method addresses the male pelvic floor by breaking down rigidity patterns in the hip joints. These joints must be mobilized to generate natural toning and to restore original functionality and biomechanics. Mobility and power in the pelvic girdle can be rescued through toning and mobilizing hip joints in our practice.

Recent studies demonstrate that a sustainable yoga practice can benefit men’s health, including strengthening pelvic floor muscles, reducing pain associated with pelvic floor dysfunction, improving flexibility and muscle strength, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting better and more restful sleep, and improving posture.

Dedicating a few hours a week to this method will not only help you prevent issues from developing, but it can also help you prevent the ones you haven’t considered. You won’t know about the ones you prevented but will know when you see them in others. What is tangible in this method is the way you feel when class is over: better.


Kaiut Yoga Brazil

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