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From bike to bolster: Rethinking fitness

Hi there — it’s Renae.

There’s a lot I’m still processing from the Practice Intensive in January; I’ll share more as I have time to digest it. One of the things that struck me is something Francisco repeatedly referenced around the idea that we, as human beings, are inherently social creatures.

We need a community to be our best. That’s exactly how I feel about our Kaiut Yoga community. We need our schools, our students and school owners.

I’d like to introduce you to my friend and colleague Kristin Savory. Kristin has been practicing for over 10 years and is one of the owners of Kaiut Yoga Boulder. Kristin has a particular insight in regard to her husband and how things clicked for him.

Here is what she writes about their experience:

Hi everyone — it’s Kristin.

It’s football season and I found my husband Jim watching games in a unique way!

My husband has been an avid cyclist for most of his life. He’s raced bikes, he’s commuted by bike, he’s been an enthusiast on every level. Over the last few years though, he’s had a rougher time. Primarily, he’s struggled with his sense of balance, blurred vision and brain fog.

When Francisco was in town this last August/September, Jim had a quick conversation with Francisco that inspired him to join one of his morning sessions. In that class, there was a special moment when it all clicked for my husband.

He felt how his symptoms were related to the stiffness and rigidity in his neck and shoulders. In one moment, he realized that his cycling might need to take a backseat while he focuses on healing with Kaiut Yoga.

Since that class, Jim has committed to 3 sessions a week. He feels the necessity and totally relates to how Kaiut Yoga will be a lifetime practice for him. He still commutes to work by bike and enjoys the fresh air and sense of freedom that cycling gives him. Now, however, he prioritizes his yoga practice as his primary longevity tool.

While I would love to say that my husband followed in my footsteps and was inspired by me, I really can’t. It was that one moment under Francisco’s care that turned my hubby into a yogi.

Now he watches football with a head rotation, he craves having his arms over head, and he looks forward to his classes with the Kaiut Yoga Boulder team.

With love and deep gratitude,


P.S. from Renae and Kristin

Let’s make 2023 our best year yet. Let’s learn more about this body we live in and learn how we can care deeply for our health. The results are totally worth it.

You can register here or reach out to me if you have any questions.


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