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New Student Journey

Define Your Goals

Before attending your first class we like to talk with you to understand how best to serve you through the practice. In-person or over the phone we do an initial intake, gathering medical and health history and any other information you are aware of that might be relevant to you engaging with the Kaiut Yoga Method.


Take Unlimited Classes

New Students can take two weeks of unlimited classes for $20. It typically takes 3 to 4 classes for individuals to learn about the method. Following two weeks, new students can utilize the introductory offer of 1 month of unlimited classes for $56.


Join the Kaiut Yoga Community

After the introductory period you can purchase a a monthly membership plan and join the Kaiut Yoga Community! You can select membership based on how many times a week you can attend class. Typically attending class two to three times a week allows you to realize the full benefits of the practice.

Get Started Now

To get started simple sign up for a class, or contact us at Kaiut Yoga to learn more about how to begin on your Kaiut journey.

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