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The Kaiut Yoga Method

Why Practice Kaiut Yoga?


By the age of 20, the human body has stopped growing and rigidity patterns begin to show up. Chronic aches, stiffness, and issues begin in this decade as compensation patterns are reinforced and an uneven aging process begins.


Kaiut Yoga is all about targeting restrictions and habitual patterns by letting the body and the brain know it is safe to move toward greater mobility and function.


The goal? Full mobility the way the human body was designed.


What is Kaiut Yoga All About?


Kaiut Yoga Method (Therapeutic Yoga) - Discover and dissolve the joint restrictions that impact your ability to move freely and enjoy life. Alleviate the aches, pains, and chronic discomfort that come from our modern lifestyle. Kaiut Yoga is designed for every body and every body type. Students are guided through a variety of joint-specific, long-held poses designed to find and safely release areas of restriction. Props are provided for leverage and support.


Profound Results

A regular Kaiut Yoga practice restores optimal function and mobility to our modern bodies. The class plans, shapes, use of props, gravity, and time were all intentionally designed to address the 3 major girdles (ankles, pelvis, and shoulders), orienting the entire system towards improvement in overall health and wellness.

Restriction and Rigidity

Patterns of rigidity and restriction naturally occur within our system as we move through each day, doing the things we do. Any action we do on a regular basis will bring specific rigidity patterns in our systems, increasingly empacting tntire system and the our freedom functioning of our entire system. Kaiut Yoga primarily works through reducing, dissolving, resolving restrictions and rigidity in the body, so our natural health can flow.


A typical day for most of us, regardless of age, includes the same, limited movements and considerable time sitting. For those of us that do engage in a broader range of physical activities, we tend to practice specific movements and lack variety. Kaiut Yoga understands that for optimal functionality and health our body needs variety and new stimulation. Thus no class is ever quite the same.


Kaiut Yoga offers you an opportunity to establish a different relationship with any pains you carry. As a student of  you can expect to explore your relationship with pain through the felt sense and to understand more clearly the role pain has as an important signal in your body. Through kindly approaching those areas in pain, you can learn more about it, and learn ways to successfully work with it overtime.

Biomechanical Health

Biomechanical Health is about Freedom of Movement. With a have a strong biomechanical foundation we expend less energy and work more efficiently. In Kaiut Yoga we gain this through variety of poses, and engaging in a level of productive demand of our body, from a relaxed nervous system and inner sense of safety.


Science-based yoga with a primary focus oriented toward bringing the brain into its healing mode. We find, explore, and release physical restrictions within this mode through the 3 major girdles (ankles, pelvis, and shoulders). The health in and around these girdles impact communication to the brain in unique ways. When we open these channels to the spine with the most productive amount of pressure, time, and gravity, over time, our brain delivers back to us increased function and mobility. Many students report a decrease in chronic pain as function and mobility returns.

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